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All online | Join us from 9th June 2020


DEEPSEA is a unique laboratory for startup ecosystem builders. As a community we share experiences and work together on joint projects for transnational ecosystems

DEEPSEA continues the success story of the first global startup ecosystem accelerator program we launched in 2018. Now, we do it all online.

Who should participate?

Managers of startup programs, accelerators or incubators. Economic Development agencies, investors, innovation scouts and startup relations managers. Non-profits and community builders as well as entrepreneurs who are eager to give back.



Learn How To
Grow an Ecosystem


Connect to Peers with Similar Challenges


Turn Your Ideas into New Projects


Join a passionate community of international ecosystem builders
Connect with ecosystem builders across Europe.

Become a Master Ecosystem Builder
Get access to knowledge, data as well as mentoring and peer advice on your own projects

Get inspired by leading experts
Join weekly sessions with renowned experts.

Turn Ideas into Impact
Be part of a group working on a global challenge for the tech ecosystem

Skill Building

Knowledge Hub, Data Tools & Live Expert Sessions

Live Expert Sessions

Meet leading ecosystem experts like the partners of a global venture firm or the head of a successful international accelerator and pick their brain on the latest global dynamics

Knowledge Hub

Our knowledge hub provides online courses on ecosystem thinking, data analysis, attracting tech talent and many more skills relevant for ecosystem builders.

Ecosystem Data Tools

Participants receive free access to and training on the Startup Heatmap Europe data tools with >100 metrics on ecosystem development like investments, meetup growth, brand visibility, and of course founder connectivity.

Project Work

Develop transnational ecosystem projects with international peers

The Bootcamp

In a 2-day online sprint, participants work in groups on challenges for their ecosystems. The format has been completely re-designed to function online and provide participants with small tasks to collaboratively solve and jointly develop project ideas to work on.

Expert Seminars

Participants can choose from up to 3 live workshops with expert trainers, covering  skills needed to advance your ecosystems:

  • Building ecosystems with purpose
  • Internationalization in times
    of COVID-19
  • Activating alternative ways of funding for startups
  • Organizing communities online

Turn Projects Into Reality

Follow on the ideas from the workshop and present them in a video pitch on our website to attract partners and sponsors. We will be making sure to promote it in our network of international investors, ecosystem builders and innovator for maximum exposure.


Build deep connections by learning from each other

Meet your peers

We are making sure, everyone will meet everyone during the course. We organize weekly speeddating sessions, where all participants will have 1:1 interactions with each other.

Extensive Mentoring

Throughout the program you will have scheduled interactions with mentors to discuss the progress of your project, get feedback and develop new insights.

    Meet in real life

    We can work together online—no problem at all. But one day all of us want to shake hands and hug our new friends. So when travel restrictions are lifted, we will invite you to a full-day community event in Lisbon full of networking and fun activities and it will be a blast!

    Week 1 (May 18th22nd)

    Collaborative 2-day DEEPSEA Bootcamp

    19th & 20th May 2020, 9:00-12:00 CEST

    Week 2 (May 25th–29th)

    Introduction to Data-Driven Ecosystem Building

    26th May 2020, 2:00-3:00 CEST

    Week 3 (May 1st–5th)

    Project Development with 1:1 Mentoring

    You Still can join

    Week 4–5 (June 8th–19th)

    9th June 2020, 9:00-12:00 CEST

    “Building Purpose-Driven Ecosystems: From Climate Change Mitigation
    to COVID-19 responses”



    Managing Partner at Mandalah

    Anna is a trained systemic consultant and heads the Berlin team of the Conscious Innovation consultancy Mandalah. She has led various national and international projects with corporations, public institutions and NGOs alike. She also is the co-founder of Welana, a social business importing fabrics from Ethiopia.

    11th June, 9–12:00 am CEST

    “Internationalization Despite Travel Bans:
    How Ecosystem Builders can support startups succeed”



    Dominik is Innovation Consultant, Design Thinking Coach and Workshop Facilitator with 8+ years of international experience. Previously, Dominik worked as Innovation Manager for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology‘s digital technology branch (EIT Digital). Additionally, he ran intrapreneurship and innovation programs at large international corporations and organisations such as Airbus, Celfocus, Deutsche Telekom, SAP and others. He is a certified design thinker, scrum master and product owner.

    16th June, 9–12:00 am CEST

    “Alternative Ways of Funding for Resilient Ecosystems”



    Founder & CEO of darwinLabs, co-founder of Capiform, co-founder of All-desk, and co-founder of Beta-i

    Pedro is a founder, CEO and jack of all trades at darwinLabs, a specialized IT consulting company focused on #lowcode and out systems. He is also a co-founder at Beta-i, a non-profit organization for the promotion of entrepreneurship. Pedro has extensive experience in the consulting, financial services, telecom, internet and mobile marketing industries. He is also the author of “European Founders at Work” book.

    Week 6 (June 22th–26th)

    23rd June 2020, 14:00-16:00 CEST
    Final Presentation of Transnational Team Projects


    Michael Chaffe
    Vice President @Wolves Summit

    DEEPSEA 2020

    Bernhard Kowatsch
    Head of Innovation Accelerator @World Food Programme

    DEEPSEA 2020

    Seth Levine
    Managing Director @Foundry Group

    DEEPSEA 2020

    Youri Doeleman
    Partner @Antler Netherlands

    DEEPSEA 2020

    Pedro Santos
    CEO @darwinLabs and Co-founder @Beta-i

    Anna Papadopoulos
    Managing Partner @Mandalah

    Dominik Krabbe
    Innovation Consultant

    Val Livada
    Advisor @MassRobotics

    Till Ohrmann
    CEO & Founder @Pirate Summit

    Matthew Eisner
    Vice President of Marketing & Growth @Ansible Advisory

    Thomas Kösters
    Founder @ Startup Heatmap Europe

    Serghei Glinca
    Head of Startup Ecosystem Accelerator @Startup Heatmap Europe

    Igor Oliveira
    Founder Semente Negocios (Brazil)

    Kiana Sharifi
    Head of Talent @Balderton Capital



    DEEPSEA Skill Building 1.0 


    Access to Knowledge Hub
    Access to Data Tools
    1 advanced expert workshop

    280 €

    excl. 22% VAT

    DEEPSEA Skill Building Full


    Access to Knowledge Hub
    Access to Data Tools
    up to 3 advanced expert workshop

    560 €

    excl. 22% VAT


    “I feel overwhelmed and grateful. Feeling part of this international community of ecosystem builders is a great experience.”

    Maria Anagnostopoulos | envolve, Athens, Greece

    "This workshop was incredibly helpful in connecting us with those who are also facing the same problems and also helping us discover how we can tackle our challenges with an organized framework”

    Estefania Escobar | InsurLab, Cologne, Germany

    “The feeling was: 'Wow, there are people with the same kind of challenges and we can exchange our experiences. This workshop helps ecosystems a lot.”

    Kim Gerlach | Drivhuset, Malmoe, Sweden

    “We learned that we're not alone in this and could help each other a lot on this crazy journey.”

    Liisi Org | Startup Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia

    “I learned a lot from ecosystem builders around the globe, I can truly recommend this program! Successful ecosystems cannot be carried from outside - although benchmarking trips are nice - you need to find your own locations weak spots and barriers to work on. The program provided tools to do this.”

    Joel Takala | University of Helsinki, Finland


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