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We are a data & knowledge community of startup ecosystem builders


The Startup Heatmap is mapping startup ecosystems based on how founders feel and what data tells us about them.

We allow founders to share their favorite startup places and help others to build their own transnational company. Our platform is build on an annual survey with >1,000 participants as well as real-time data on startup ecosystem dynamics, including startup news, social media monitors, meetup trackers and investments.

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“In a global and digital world location matters more not less!”

What we do

Startup Heatmap Europe is a product of the European Startup Initiative (ESI), a non-profit organization that aims at facilitating interaction between startup founders and stakeholders interested in creating an attractive startup environment in the European Union.

We are empowering ecosystem builders to scale the connectivity of their ecosystems:

1) Build trust by showcasing your ecosystem on the Heatmap

2) Track your own development over time

3) Benchmark with the leading startup hubs in Europe

4) Make use of our seminars to exchange with peers on how to improve your strategy

  • Ecosystem Data Expertise
  • Europe Wide Visibility
  • Ecosystem Building Skills
  • Startup Scouting

Some of the organizations we have worked with in the past:

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