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What does the Map show?

The map shows real founders' favorite startup locations. The size of the circle represent the popularity of a hub, while the lines show from where founders come from, who feel connected to this location.


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Share your opinion and leave a review on any startup hub or accelerator. If the place is not yet on the list, just start the survey below.

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Which hubs have received the strongest increase in attention last month measured by Twitter activity?


We are monitoring in real-time, what topics are discussed in the leading startup communities in Europe. See below which are the hottest topics at the moment, and click to see which cities are driving the conversation.

This graph indicates how often the listed topics are mentioned in relation to “startups” on Twitter. Click a topic to find the cities where this trend is strongest.

Work with us

We work with everyone who is building ecosystems. Get in touch and learn more about how our ecosystem data expertise can help your startup community to grow internationally.

Ecosystem Intelligence

With our most recent report “Startup City Brands & Highways” we take a deep look into the transnational startup networks criss-crossing the continent. It includes also the most comprehensive brand ranking of cities, accelerators and conferences!


With the DEEPSEA – Startup Ecosystem Accelerator we have created a unique way of peer learning with top experts and coaches. Join our international programs to boost your ecosystem knowledge and specific skills like Venture Capital or Data Analytics.

Build & Promote

We work with cities, startup programs, investors and corporates to identify opportunities and build strategies to succeed in an ever more international startup world. Explore what we can do for your to become an ecosystem leader!

Ecosystem Building Seminars

Brush up your skills, while you build deep connections with international peers. We organize hands-on seminars for managers of incubators, economic developers, non-profits, as well as investors and corporate innovation leaders

Build and Promote

Show your community’s strengths and track with real-time data where your ecosystem is heading. We help you to map the full breadth of stakeholders and opportunities in one page to invite startups and collaborators to your city.

Connect & Inspire

Work with us to establish yourself as a leader in emerging ecosystems. Together we uncover upcoming trends, prepare data-driven publications and organize knowledge exchanges among important international stakeholders.

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