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and which places they consider best to startup.

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Mikko Alasaarela
Founder and CEO of Inbot Inc.

“Having lived in Helsinki, London, Berlin and San Francisco, I consider myself a true cosmopolitan, someone who does not wave any specific flag.”

Alex von Frankenberg
Managing Director High-Tech Gründerfonds

“Germany has various startup hotspots and I am convinced, that - thanks to short distances and speedy transportation - they will soon diversify into topical clusters and become equally strong and closely connected.”

Tom Wehmeier
Principal & Head of Research at Atomico

“We at Atomico believe that interconnectivity between hubs is a key opportunity for Europe to explore and we think that being able to understand the (actual & potential) movement of founders between hubs will be incredibly valuable.”

Eli David
Co-Founder and CEO at

“Europe has such a diverse ecosystem and for me it is thrilling to see how people feel and think about moving to another place, because that is what makes it so much fun!”

Stephan Jacquemot
Principal Microsoft Ventures

“What’s great in hubs for startups and investors alike is the concentration of opportunities. But, what exactly is an off-location? If a startup from outside Berlin or London secures VC funding, I deem them even more promising, because they had to get the attention first!”


Startup Heatmap Europe is the benchmark report on the attractiveness of startup hubs in Europe. We map the perceived quality of startup cities, founder mobility and the interconnectivity between European startup hotspots.


Hot debate is wrapped around the question of where Europe’s hottest startup hubs are evolving. While each city parades their merits, founders’ perceptions of a specific startup ecosystem will be a decisive factor in cities’ competition for entrepreneurial prowess in Europe. 

Startup Heatmap Europe analyses the continual evolution of entrepreneurship foci across the continent, through the eyes of the founder. We track, analyse and evaluate the journeys of founders, the progress of startup hubs and how authorities and community builders can make Europe a better place to startup.

Our goals

  • To build awareness on the potentials of Startup Europe
  • To provide a reference for comparison of European startup hotspots
  • To ignite public debate on the merits of competition

The Heatmap

Our interactive platform shows which cities are the entrepreneurship hotbeds of Europe, how far their reputation travels and why founders would rather move there to startup. Complete with investment data, the Startup Heatmap seeks to provide orientation to startups, investors and researchers interested in discovering the realities of Startup Europe outside the political dressing.


Startup Heatmap Europe is a product of the European Startup Initiative (ESI), a non-profit organization that aims at facilitating interaction between startup founders, stakeholders and community builders interested in creating an attractive startup environment in Europe.

Research conducted by ESI strives to amplify the voices and needs of European entrepreneurs, stimulate discussions and initiatives geared towards building competitive effective startup ecosystems all over the continent.

Thomas Kösters, Co-Founder & CEO

Expert on startup ecosystems in Europe having worked with hundreds of startups across Europe.

Natalie Novick, Head of Research

International expert on globalization and migration, PhD Candidate UC San Diego & editor at

Fabrizio Dell’Acqua, Co-founder

Founder of Spotlime, Rubicon Keys and HousingExchange. Presently PhD Columbia Business School.

Serghei Glinca, Head of Startup City Accelerator

Startup Entrepreneur in Pharma R&D, PhD, MBA

Elena Scolaro, Head of Finances

Highly accomplished graduate with degrees from University of Trento and Mannheim in management and economics.

Olga Usachova, Communications

Lawyer by profession, international development expert and migration specialist by passion.

Alexander Thannhuber, Analyst, Former Head of Research

Graduate of Economics from the Univeristy of Munich and contributor since 2017

Harald Eisenhauer, Head of Startup Heatmap LATAM

Expert on government relations with special focus on Latin America, based in Quito, Ecuador.

Artem German, Startup City Accelerator

IT professional and expert on Creative Learning Space

Ian Scarffe, Ambassador

Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world.


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